We wanted to share a some of the mindful practices we use within Class Catalyst as a resource for teachers, parents and students everywhere. These Mindful Minutes can be shared with your staff, students and their families as these practices work for all ages.

Below are eight simple videos that walk you and your students through mindful practices. Each video is one minute long and demonstrates how each practice is done.

Enjoy them below or use the playlist to watch them all.


Sun Sequence will help you stretch out, and get you back into a better posture so you can be more present.

Secret Note is a simple exercise to help you feel empowered and be more present.

Energizing Arm Massage is a fun Mindful Minute that’ll have you perked up and ready for your day.

Try Equal Breath to help you calm the nervous system and be more present.

Get the squirrels out and be more present with Limb Shake.

Relaxing Brain Massage is a simple exercise to help you relax and be more present.

Mooka is a fun and creative way to help you be more present.

Write and Rip is a simple exercise to help you “let go” and be more present. For younger children you can substitute the writing for drawing.

Hope you enjoyed these quick, simple and engaging activities. Subscribe to the playlist to get the latest.

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