Schools & districts nationwide are eager to integrate the CDC’s recommended Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework to develop essential systems that nurture the well-being & mental health of all students. But many educators are left unsure how to implement the framework. The MTSS framework is designed to ensure students’ needs are met through targeted interventions across three levels of support. Read below to learn how Class Catalyst is the perfect platform for educators to seamlessly integrate MTSS into their classrooms.

1. Promotion of positive social, emotional, and behavioral skills and overall wellness for all students.

Class Catalyst believes all students deserve to feel heard & understood no matter their circumstance. The tool provides a safe and discreet way for students to connect with their teachers.

Through Class Catalyst’s daily check-ins — students will receive individualized research based well-being practices. These are essential in developing wellness habits that get students in a “ready to learn” mode today and provide the tools to deal with life’s challenges in the future.

Class Catalyst puts the power in each student’s hands. Students are given agency to select from practices that are based on their input.

Check-in at 8:00am, Ready to Learn by 8:05am.

2. Support and early intervention for students identified through needs assessments as being at risk of mental health concerns.

Early detection & intervention are cornerstone features of Class Catalyst. In addition, the tool provides quarterly self-assessments that help identify high risk students.

Evidence of Obtaining Positive Results

3. Targeted interventions for students with serious concerns that impact daily functioning.

With Class Catalyst’s real-time triage feature, teachers, counselors and administrators are immediately notified of any high risk situations .



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“Class Catalyst provides SEL behavioral data for school administrators, MTSS teams, and Case Managers to review and analyze. It provides research based interventions and is a CASEL Designated Program that provides daily and frequent monitoring along with SEL interventions to ensure students are ‘ready to learn’.”

— Mike Jakubowski
Principal (11 years) Hope Learning Academy

“Class Catalyst provides MTSS teams with continuous data to analyze the effectiveness of their schools SEL instruction and Tier 2 and 3 interventions. “

— Nicole Johnson
Principal – Speed Early Learning Center (Chicago Heights)

“Class Catalyst allows educators to easily navigate identify supports needed for students.”

— Sean Precious
Brockton Public Schools Superintendent

“Class Catalyst provides a DAILY check in for students
that measures the impact of SEL strategies and support.”

— Jeff Giegoldt
Special Education Teacher

“Class Catalyst is a Tier 1 intervention that can feel like Tier 3 because it’s individual interaction with instant feedback.”

— Nora Chapman
School Social Worker

“Class Catalyst is an outstanding tool for gathering data of student well being.”

— Sean Egan
Director of Education – Calumet College of St. Joseph

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