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Class Catalyst is an innovative, solutions-driven platform that places deep emphasis on the wellness of both teachers and students, leading to a positive change in the way schools integrate emotional well-being and strategies for improved connection, self-awareness, and self-regulation.

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We Listen

We Listen

We listen to our school partners to assess their well-being needs.

Class Catalyst meets partners where they are to work with them to achieve actionable wellness goals, driven by data.

We Implement

We Implement

We foster staff and student engagement in the work of well-being, empowering all school stakeholders to create a culture of care and rapport.

Class Catalyst and well-bing practices On Demand is an all-in-one wellness solution to promote relationship building among students and staff.

We Support

We Support

We are committed to creating a sustainable well-being approach for our partners.

We advise and consult on a classroom level, school level, and district level, to ensure data-driven best practices, consistency, and fidelity of implementation.

Our Mission

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We are dedicated to seamlessly delivering the best evidence-based well-being practices to school districts nationwide, providing them with daily wellness tools to discreetly connect with each student in a safe, private, and non-confrontational way.

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A Note From the Founders

Carla Tantillo Phillibert
Robert Phillibert

We are often asked how Class Catalyst came to be – and we love sharing our story. As parents and educators, we had been looking for a way to combine Carla’s extensive teaching and mindfulness experience with Rob’s technical know-how and penchant for solving problems with data. But, it didn’t really click until we discovered a massive gap between the need for well-being practice and the benefits of implementation. No implementation = no change… and no impact on the students, educators, or the world.

We knew it wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of administrators, educators, and families. With more on their plates than ever before, we wanted to create a tool combining support and insight that would seamlessly fit into an already-packed school day. We pushed ourselves to go beyond the standard wellness offering and build something truly interactive, informative and easy-to-implement, a tool that authentically engages student voices and builds impactful relationships between students and educators.

And, as with two kiddos at home, it’s personal for us, too. Class Catalyst is for them, and for all students, because every young person deserves to be seen, heard, and supported. Thank you for joining us!


Our wellness specialists advise and consult on a classroom level, school level, and district level, to ensure best practices, consistency, and fidelity of implementation.

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