About Us

We are often asked how Class Catalyst came to be – and we love sharing our story. As parents and educators, we had been looking for a way to combine Carla’s extensive teaching and mindfulness experience with Rob’s technical know-how and penchant for solving problems with data. But, it didn’t really click until we discovered the massive gap between the need for Social-Emotional Learning and benefits of implementation. No implementation = no change. No impact on the students, teachers, or world.

We knew it wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of administrators, teachers, and parents. With more on their plates than ever before, their energy and best intentions don’t always reach kids – who, in turn, slip through the cracks, unseen and unheard. We set out to create a tool combining support and insight; one that could be easy to implement and seamlessly fit into an already packed school day or an evening at home with parents. We wanted to go beyond the standard SEL offering and build something truly interactive and informative.

And, as with 2 kiddos at home, it’s personal for us, too. Class Catalyst is for them, and for all students like them because every child deserves to be seen and supported. Thank you for joining us!