Lifetouch and Class Catalyst

Lifetouch + Class Catalyst

Supporting Schools Beyond the Photo

Lifetouch and Class Catalyst Breathing Break Certificate

Lifetouch and Class Catalyst are going beyond the photo to support teachers and staff with the best evidence-based well-being practices.

Through Lifetouch’s Recognition program, families can now receive a photo certificate of their child along with the daily well-being practices being used in the classroom through Class Catalyst. Our partnership provides a mindful approach to students’ success and well-being, both in and out of the classroom.

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Daily Well-Being
Made Simple

Practicing mindfulness daily is essential in developing well-being habits that get students in a “ready to learn” mode today and provide the tools to deal with life’s challenges in the future.

Class Catalyst is a solutions-driven platform that places a deep emphasis on the wellness of both teachers and students, leading a positive change in the way schools integrate emotional well-being and strategies for improved social interactions.

Why Class Catalyst?

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In 3-minutes or less, teachers can seamlessly bring the best evidence-based well-being practices into their classrooms, while connecting discreetly with each student in a safe, private, and non-confrontational way.

By practicing well-being strategies daily, students develop techniques to help them be more in control both mentally and physically.

Real Impact

Class Catalyst, the only check-in platform to earn the coveted CASEL SELect Program designation, has been proven effective by leading researchers at the prestigious Chapin Hall, University of Chicago.

CASEL SELect Designated Program


Bridging the Gap Between Home & School

The challenges of the last few years have seen unprecedented pressures put on schools and families, and we want to do our part to help.

Through Lifetouch and Class Catalyst’s innovative partnership, home to school communication becomes something to look forward to!

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