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We believe SEL is not just “one more thing” to add to a full day of learning, but significantly essential in developing self-awareness and emotional well-being habits that get students in “ready to learn” mode. In 3-minutes or less, teachers can now seamlessuly bring the best evidence-based SEL practices into their classrooms, while connecting discreetly with each student in a safe, private, and non-confrontational way. As a result, Class Catalyst provides mindful support for all!

Class Catalyst - Mindful Support For All
CASEL SELect Designated Program
Historical view of student readiness states.
Historical view of student readiness states.
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How does it work?

Innovative. Interactive. Innately informative. Class Catalyst is backed by research by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, evidence-based on Social-Emotional Learning strategies, and supported by a top-rate team of seasoned mindfulness educators.

Class Catalyst is devoted to three main goals: Connection, Self Awareness, and Self Regulation.

Class Catalyst Steps - Step 01

First Thing in
the Morning

Students check-in and additionally, share how they are feeling.

Students practice self-awareness.

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Activities on a Tablet
Class Catalyst Steps - Step 02

Light Touch Interventions

Based on their check-in data, students are then given a selection of individualized strategies.

As a result, students build self-awareness and regulation skills.

Activities on a Tablet
Class Catalyst Steps - Step 03


Teacher is specifically provided real-time data, with actionalble insights to meet their student’s well-being needs.

Student Comments and Student Data
Student Graph Data
Class Catalyst Steps - Step 04

Data Drives Experience

Teachers, administrators and counselors concurrently have access to real time and longitudinal data, both aggregated and disaggregated.

This data, simultaneously coupled with student voice, takes the guesswork out of prevention.

Student Graph Data
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Class Catalyst Steps - Step 05


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Student Support with Class Catalyst
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We Make it So Easy…

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Our Practices,
Real Results

Class Catalyst is a CASEL SELect Program that is backed by research from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago.

“I am able to quickly communicate with approximately 100 students twice a day. [That way they know] I am here and I am thinking of them.”

– Angela Robertson, School Counselor
New Buffalo, Michigan

Backed by Research from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

CASEL SELect Designated Program
Chapin Hall - At the University of Chicago