Why it Works for Teachers

Why Teachers Love Class Catalyst

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Develop Student Well-being Skills for Life
Practicing mindfulness daily is essential in developing well-being habits that get students in a “ready to learn” mode today and provide the tools to deal with life’s challenges in the future.

Improve Student Outcomes
Our evidence-based SEL practices (see research) has been shown to improve student outcomes in areas such as academic achievement, behavior, and social-emotional well-being.

Boosts Engagement
Build stronger relationships with your students so you can catch problems before they escalate.

Increase Time Spent Teaching
Now, you can spend less time managing behavioral challenges and more time teaching. Our program is designed to seamlessly fit into your classroom schedule, allowing you to connect with more students in a safe and effective space.

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“Class Catalyst has helped my students in a multitude of ways. I love that they get to check in with me first thing in the morning and tell me anything that might be bothering them or exciting them (big and small). This helps me gauge how the class is feeling and whom I might need to check in with before getting started on teaching. Class Catalyst has taught the students different strategies they can use when their energy level is too high or too low. I know that this program helps me in building a trusting, loving, relationship with all of my students.”

-Mallory Namoff, Teacher | Christopher House Elementary, Chicago, IL

“I like that it is relatively timeless and makes students aware of where they are at.”

-Rebecca Fecteau, Teacher | Conway, NH

“Class Catalyst has given me an idea of how my students are doing each morning.”

-Rebekah O’Rourke, Teacher | Coral Charter School – Albuquerque Public Schools –  Albuquerque, NM

“I enjoy implementing Class Catalyst with my students. I feel it’s a great way to see their starting points, ending points, and everything in between. The options provided are great because they can decide which activity they prefer.”

-Karissa Young, Special Ed Teacher | Niles HS – Niles, MI

“I found the daily SEL relaxation activities very useful to my students because I would see them using the techniques they learned during the day.”

-Tracy Zimmermann, 2nd grade Teacher, Waverly Elementary, Greater Albany Public Schools, Albany, OR

“This has provided a safe place to share when things can get uncomfortable.”

-4th Grade Teacher, New Buffalo, MI

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Consider This:

98% Module

* Principals surveyed in a 2017 research study believe that their students would benefit from being taught SEL skills.

Yielding an impressive

$11 Return Module

Yet, there are still many school districts across the country who haven’t implemented SEL. What are the concerns?

Designed to Fit Seamlessly into Your Day

Our digital-based platform fits seamlessly into your day, infused with the power of evidence-based mindfulness practices, and can be implemented without interrupting an already full lesson plan.

Reason One

First Thing in the Morning

Student Check-In Mood Selection

Students will check-in and share how they are feeling through simple emoji-based icons and private student to teacher messaging.

With every check-in, students will practice self-awareness.

Student Breath Work
Reason Two

Light Touch Interventions

Student Practicing SEL Activity

Based upon their check-in data, students are given a selection of individualized strategies.

Students will build self-awareness and regulation skills.

Student Activity Check-In
Reason Three


You will be provided real-time data, with actionable insights to meet each students well-being needs.

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Reason Four

No More Guesswork

Teachers, administrators and counselors have access to real time and longitudinal data, both aggregated and disaggregated.

This data, coupled with student voice, takes the guesswork out of prevention.

Student Data View

“Ready to Learn”

And all of this is possible in as little as 3 minutes per day! When practicing well-being strategies daily, your students will develop techniques to help support their well-being both in and out of the classroom.

Student Check-In Timeline

Not Convinced Yet?

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Consider a CASEL 2011 Durlak study analysis of 213 studies involving more than 270,000 students. Children who participated in evidence-based SEL programs showed an 11 percent gain in academic achievement!

Frequently Expressed Concerns

More screen time?

Barely. Class Catalyst requires only 1-3 minutes per day so it won’t interfere with their studies.

What if an issue arises?

Administrators will be notified. Triage services are available through Mindful Practices.

What about Tier II supports?

Class Catalyst is an optimal choice for high- need students – shown to diffuse conflicts, curb problematic behaviors, and build student/teacher rapport.

Does this really work?

Absolutely! All options are based on research and evidence-tested practices.

My teachers are already too tapped out. How can I get them excited?

Class Catalyst is easy to adopt, quiet, and quick. Need help to convince them? Download our Teachers’ Guide here