Lifetouch and Class Catalyst Certificates

Principal Erin NorthPrincipal Erin North at Vera Ralya Elementary in Haslett, Michigan, is passionate about empowering all students to be their best selves. Her focus is supporting the whole student — from educational to emotional needs. Class Catalyst has been an indispensable tool in allowing her to create an environment in which students feel heard and understood.

The impact and success of her actions haven’t gone unnoticed.

Murphy Elementary recently adopted her strategy and now over 760+ students are benefiting from the program.

To extend her support beyond the classroom, Erin and her dedicated staff host family events in district neighborhoods. These events provide family dinners, a Class Catalyst certificate via the Lifetouch’s platform which includes a photo of their student and valuable at-home mindful resources.

Lifetouch and Class Catalyst Certificate

Erin encourages parents to hang their Class Catalyst Certificates someplace visible so families can easily access mindful practices at home daily with a scan of the QR code.

“By having these resources at your disposal, you’re equipped with valuable tools to navigate challenges and foster well-being at home.”

— Erin North,

Principal, Haslett Schools, Michigan

This simple act of providing families with readily accessible resources allowed Erin to make the connection between school and home while further empowering students to foster agency, self-awareness, and mindfulness.

Across the two events, Erin personally shared the certificates with over 120 families — even with those who were unable to attend the event.

Class Catalyst empowered Erin to provide mindful support not only to her students but her whole community.

See below for steps to bring the benefits of Class Catalyst certificates to your community today!

How to Find Your Class Catalyst Certificates

Share the directions below with your partner districts so that they can access their Class Catalyst Certificates from their Lifetouch Portals to share well-being strategies at home!

  1. Sign into your Lifetouch Portal and go to ‘Create Products’ located in the blue menu bar.
  2. Find ‘Certificates – Reward and Recognition’ and click on ‘Mental Wellness Design.’
  3. Choose your preferred Class Catalyst certificate design and fill in your school information.
  4. Select the students you would like to make certificates for and click ‘Continue.’
  5. View the preview and click ‘Generate Product’ for a PDF of your certificates.
Lifetouch Certificate Instructions
Lifetouch Certificate Instructions

Class Catalyst & Mindful Practices are at the 2024 AASA Conference!

Join us in February for AASA’s National Conference on Education in San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention Center. Learn more about Class Catalyst through our exhibit and roundtable sessions!

Lifetouch and Class Catalyst