Class Catalyst at CASEL Exchange - Thank You SEL Exchange

The Mindful Practices team was recently honored to present and empower the national SEL community at CASEL’s SEL Exchange in Atlanta. As an organization dedicated to fostering self-awareness and agency, the team was committed to empowering others and creating a space for leaders to cultivate awareness within their schools.

Recognizing the abundance of resources available, which can sometimes be overwhelming, the CASEL Designated Program and team of SEL experts focused on providing “Mindful Support for All” while actively listening to the needs and aspirations of various school communities. Mindful Practices remains dedicated to offering research-based SEL solutions for schools, empowering educators to be their best selves.

Class Catalyst at CASEL Exchange - SEL Speakers

“Collective well-being is not something that you can do by yourself.”

— Carla Tantillo Philibert

CASEL Exchange Highlights

The Mindful Practices team’s involvement in the CASEL Exchange was marked by several notable highlights:

  • Presentation of Mindful Practices’ SEL solutions: The team showcased their comprehensive SEL solutions, designed to foster self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and self-management skills among students.
  • Empowerment of school leaders: The team facilitated interactive sessions that empowered school leaders to create a culture of mindfulness and social-emotional learning within their schools.
  • Engagement with SEL community: The team actively engaged with the national SEL community, exchanging insights and best practices for promoting social-emotional well-being among students.

Mindful Practices’ Commitment to SEL

Mindful Practices remains steadfast in its commitment to providing research-based SEL solutions that empower schools and educators to nurture the social-emotional well-being of their students. The organization’s dedication to mindful practices and its unwavering support for the SEL community were evident throughout its participation in the CASEL Exchange.

Class Catalyst at CASEL Exchange - Take the Know Your Students Challenge
Class Catalyst at CASEL Exchange - The Pause Between


The Mindful Practices team’s involvement in the CASEL Exchange exemplified their commitment to empowering the SEL community and fostering a culture of social-emotional learning in schools nationwide. Their dedication to providing research-based SEL solutions and their unwavering support for school leaders will undoubtedly continue to make a positive impact on the lives of students across the country.