Welcome to a whole new way of teaching and connecting with your students. Here are a few quick tips to help you be more successful while remote teaching.

Remember to utilize the skills you developed in the classroom when you’re remotely connecting with your students. You already know how to engage them, how to deal with behavioral challenges…many of those skills are the same even though the environment is different.


Basics for #remoteteaching

  • reduce distractions & noises (for you and your participants)
  • don’t treat remote learning as a monolog
  • everything doesn’t have to be a video chat
  • build a real connection with your students. Asking them how they are doing and letting them know they are heard is essential. Check out Class Catalyst Cares as a way to do this safely and for free.


Tips for video chats

Plan ahead

  • have any materials to present loaded an ready to share
  • have something to drink nearby


Engage your audience

  • use polls, quizzes and the chat box
  • vary the content (speaking, screen sharing, guest speakers)


Pitfalls to watch for

  • The basic level of both Zoom and Google Meet treat all users the same. This means your students have the same abilities to mute/remove a user/share their screens as you do.
  • Group chats are not private, so don’t ask personal questions where the repsonses could be seen or worse publically shared.
  • Zoombombing…to reduce the risk of this do not publicly share your meeting details on Twitter or Facebook.


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