Class Catalyst Cares

Getting started with Class Catalyst Cares

Thank you for bringing Social-Emotional Learning into your classroom or home! We are excited to get you and your kiddos connected via Class Catalyst Cares.

See below for Next Steps and additional information. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule a video conference for hand-ons instruction.


    Next Steps

    1. Activate your account

    Set up an account at

    2. Add Your Group

    • Click the ‘Add Group’ button from the Settings page
    • Enter Group info: name, grade, and class settings and hit ‘Save’

    You can watch our Tutorial Video from Class Catalyst as a reference.

    3. Adding Your Kids

    • Select ‘Add a Kid’ on your Settings page
    • Enter required information: student name, grade, and birthdate
      • If your students use a Google email address, include that information to enable the single sign-on option
    Viewing Your Kids

    If you want to set or edit any information on the kids you’ve added click on “View Kids”. You will find their usernames here.

    Resetting Kids Password

    If you need to reset your kids password, select their name from the list and click reset. Their password will be set back to their birthday (for example april3)

    4. Introduce Class Catalyst to your students!

    Email your students the following template with student specific information:

    Class Catalyst Cares is a platform that allows us to stay connected as a classroom community. It allows me to know how you are feeling, even if you check-in from home! After you select how you feel, you get to practice an activity to help get focused, relaxed, and ready to learn.


    • Go to:

    • To sign in with username, type in your username: [add student username: can be found on the ‘View Kids’ page from the menu]
    • And password: [add student default password: their birthday month and date, all lowercase. For example: april3]
    • Click the “Sign in” button
    • Reset your password to something you will remember!
    • Click the “Add Class” button
    • Enter our Class Code: [provide your Class Code located in ‘Group View’]
    • Start checking-in!
    *Note for Teacher/Parent:
    If Google email address was added, replace username and password with the following:
    • Click the “Sign in with Google” button.

    When introducing Class Catalyst for the first time, feel free to share our Tutorial Video to your students to help explain the tool.

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