[NEED JAZZY WORD] Data for Leaders

Track engagement with easy-to -read dashboards and get a pulse on student well-being across your school/district in minutes. Access to historical data and high-level weekly snapshots empowers leaders to make informed, data-driven decisions to support their school communities and potentially save lives.



Class Catalyst is the simple solution for educators to integrate SEL into their classroom routine EVERY DAY. The average Class Catalyst school sees 1,500+ check-ins per week and over 31% of students write a note to their teacher with each check-in, building and strengthening vital connections everyday.


What leaders are saying…

Identify Needs

Quickly understand which buildings, grade-levels, classrooms, and students need the most support based off of their self-reporting student data.

Easily Recognize Outliers

Realtime Class-view insights triage student data to ensure that those who need support stand out. Watch word notifications ensure educators are aware of student comments that need their attention right away.

Class View Data
Tracking Usage

Track Fidelity and Usage

With clear dashboards highlighting check-in data per building/classroom/student, leaders are empowered to easily track the level of fidelity Class Catalyst is being implemented.

Support Educator Well-Being

Private and confidential teacher driven self-care check-ins and practices for educators promotes staff well-being without the pressure of administrators tracking their personal data.

Student Details

Inclusive data views of individual students across the district paint a picture of how students are doing and where support might be needed.

Check-in Metrics (?)

What a deeper dive? Access to the breakdown of each student check-in to view energy level and emoji details that students self-report allows educators to respond to targeted needs.

I Am Strong
Analytical Thinking

Advanced Analytics

Included in each Class Catalyst educator account, dashboards specific for the user provides easy-to-read analytics that highlight classroom engagement and trends.

The tool for today’s school leaders.