Class Catalyst is a Tool for Success

Giving students the tools they need to succeed and knowing it makes a difference is what makes it all worth it. Hear it straight from a Class Catalyst user and student at Holt Elementary in Michigan.

“What I like about Class Catalyst is that when I’m angry it calms me down. It has breathing exercises, like not this morning, but when I was doing my math test somebody behind me was being very loud and kind of like annoying — so I went on Class Catalyst, because I didn’t do it in the morning, and that calmed me down for the day. And that’s why I like Class Catalyst.”

- Student

Holt Elementary, Michigan

The Class Catalyst platform integrates SEL and Well-Being practices into schools across the country. If you enjoyed this content, find out how Class Catalyst can help develop daily well-being habits in the classroom, at home, and everywhere!