Benefits for Parents

Benefits for Parents

How can you be sure your child is being heard? That school is an empowering, nurturing environment for them? That your student’s needs are met, discreetly and in real-time? That issues that may arise will be addressed swiftly and appropriately?

Introducing Class Catalyst – Building Skills for Life

Our tablet-or laptop-based solution is simple enough to easily fit into your student’s day, infused with the power of SEL and mindfulness practices, and done without interrupting their studies.

Class Catalyst has been shown to:

  • Build trust between student and teacher
  • Empower each student to reach out privately when needed
  • De-escalate tense moments and interpersonal conflicts
  • Pinpoint specific problems before they occur
  • Increase focus, drive, and the willingness to learn
  • Foster self-awareness, self-regulation, and personal responsibility.
Student checking in on Class Catalyst

What’s Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and how will it help my kids?

SEL practices teach children vital life and coping skills with an emphasis on: navigating strong emotions, deepening and healing relationships, working and playing well with others, diffusing difficult situations, and fostering independence and confidence. SEL is being used in schools throughout the world to tackle issues such as bullying, drug addiction, anxiety, depression, and academic struggle or stress. For more information, we love this article from The Commitee for Children.

Interested in bringing Class Catalyst to your child’s school? Download the introductory materials below, give them to your school’s administrator or student’s teacher, and ask them to prioritize SEL!

Frequently Expressed Concerns

More screen time?

Barely. Class Catalyst requires only 1-3 minutes per day so it won’t interfere with their studies.

What if an issue arises?

Administrators will be notified. Triage services are available through Mindful Practices.

Does this really work?

Absolutely! All options are based on research and evidence-tested practices.

My teachers are already too tapped out. How can I get them excited?

Class Catalyst is easy to adopt, quiet, and quick. Need help to convince them? Download our Teachers’ Guide here <link>

What about parents?

Class Catalyst puts the choice in their hands. They select what kind of focus/calming practice that is best for them. And there are no cheesy cartoons, babified content, or assessment tests!

It’s an easy way to see how the kids are feeling…kids can share what they feel comfortable with.

Mallory McCool, Instructional Coach | Chicago, IL