Internal struggles aren’t always easy to see.

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Part Student Voice.

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How Does it Work?

Class Catalyst - CASEL Designated SELect Program
Class Catalyst Check In

First Thing in the Morning

Students check-in and share how they are feeling. 

Students practice self-awareness.

Light Touch Interventions

Based upon their check-in data, students are given a selection of individualized strategies. 

Students build self-awareness and regulation skills.  

Class Catalyst Activities
Laptop View of Class Catalyst


Teacher is provided real-time data, with actionable insights to meet their students’ well-being needs.

Class Catalyst Message

Data Drives Experience

Teachers, administrators and counselors have access to real time and longitudinal data, both aggregated and disaggregated.

This data, coupled with student voice, takes the guesswork out of prevention.

Class Catalyst Data View
Class Catalyst Multiflow


Watch Word Notifications

Staff-to-Staff Communication

Progress Monitoring

CASEL Aligned Curriculum

SEL Video Content

Bilingual Support

SEL Assessment

Watch Words
Class Catalyst Note View Update
Analytical Thinking

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