Class Catalyst

Building skills for life

Venn Diagram of Connection, Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation

Class Catalyst builds the skills for life by bulding connections between students and teachers while teaching the students self-awareness and self-regulation through practice.

Social Emotional Skills = Skills for Life

Connecting with every student, every day

We know time is limited in the classroom. And we also know how important it is to make time to connect every student with a caring adult. So, we built Class Catalyst, a 3 minute check-in platform that guarantees no student falls through the cracks.

Class Catalyst gives students the ability to connect with teachers when they are feeling triggered or upset. In turn, teachers can respond in real-time by connecting directly with students or triaging support with counselors or social workers. Relationships take time and are built on trust earned through lots of little interactions. Class Catalyst meets students and teachers where they are, and honors their needs as members of the school community.

By utilizing evidence-based Social-Emotional Learning strategies, Class Catalyst provides a way for students and teachers to cultivate self-awareness and self-regulation skills, while forging meaningful and lasting connections.

Class Catalyst reinforces these 3 foundational Social-Emotional Learning competencies for both students and school stakeholders:

  • Self-Awareness: Growing knowledge of emotions, motivations and feelings
  • Self-Regulation: Ability to respond to emotional needs and to manage triggers and disruptive impulses
  • Connection: Interpersonal interactions that profoundly influence the educational experience for children and adults

By practicing these valuable Social-Emotional Learning competencies, students and teachers reinforce their connections to each other and their school community.