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Innovative. Interactive. Innately informative.

Now more than ever, our children’s voices need to be heard. And their emotions better understood. Class Catalyst offers an innovative approach to student/teacher interaction. Allowing teachers to know what’s going on with each of their students. While giving students a discreet place to share their feelings.

Boy using Class Catalyst
Help students improve their emotional competency.

Class Catalyst is a web-based classroom tool that uses live feedback from students to help increase self-awareness, improve self-regulation, and better connect teachers with their students.

All while giving teachers important data to help understand how their students are feeling emotionally.

“We’ve never had a way to really look at students’ social-emotional learning in a quantitative way, and Class Catalyst has provided that for us.”

Instructional Coach

Chicago, IL

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Here are some highlights of Class Catalyst:
  • Simple check-ins with built-in resources to get students ready to learn each day
  • Real-time class- and student-level insights
  • Grade- and school-level data for administrators
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