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Where Every Child Feels
Seen and Supported

Meeting the emotional needs of our children has never been more important! Teachers, parents and administrators, it is our job to make sure no kid falls through the cracks – even when learning is remote.

SEL – a better way – for only 3 minutes every day!

Meet Class Catalyst

An innovative and easy-to-implement platform that provides each child with personalized mindfulness strategies while connecting them in conversation with a caring adult. Most Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) tools are cumbersome, complicated, and costly. Not Class Catalyst!

Self-guided cool down activities are paired with a private, direct line of communication with adults to meet students where they are. Class Catalyst is designed specifically to identify, address, and manage problems before they start – to guarantee every student’s voice is heard and needs are met.


Teachers love us for more focused classrooms and better communication – without compromising teaching time.


Admins love us for quick and easy implementation, insights into the emotional health of their school, and reduction of teacher stress.


Parents love us for tapping into what’s really happening with their kids, giving them a voice, and flagging potential issues.


And students? There are no irritating cartoons to watch, tests to take, or cheesy content to swallow.

Supporting Teachers and Parents Through COVID-19

Staying connected is more important than ever.

We’ve created a free version of Class Catalyst to help keep you connected with your kiddos and provide them mindful solutions during this challenging time.

How it Works

Innovative. Interactive. Innately informative. Class Catalyst is backed by research by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, based on evidence-based Social-Emotional Learning strategies, and supported by a top-rate team of seasoned mindfulness educators.

Class Catalyst is devoted to three main goals: Connection, Self-Awareness, and Self-Regulation.


Class Catalyst harnesses the technology students love (Chromebooks!) with deep, meaningful ways for them to grow in confidence, trust, and resilience, disguised as a quick and easy task. And Social/Emotional skills are skills for life!



Class Catalyst puts the power in each student’s hands. Students are given agency to select from practices that are based on their input. The more they use Class Catalyst the more they learn what best works for them.


Class Catalyst gives students the ability to connect with teachers when they are feeling triggered or upset. In turn, teachers can respond in real-time by connecting directly with students or triaging support with counselors or social workers.

And remember, all of this is possible in as little as 3 minutes per day!

Each school is unique. That’s why Class Catalyst is tailored to suit your individual needs. Click the buttons below to learn more.

Not convinced yet? Consider a CASEL 2011 analysis of 213 studies involving more than 270,000 students. Children who participated in evidence-based SEL programs showed an 11 percent gain in academic achievement!

We’ve never had a way to really look at students’ social-emotional learning in a quantitative way, and Class Catalyst has provided that for us.

Instructional Coach | Chicago, IL

Letter from Founders

We are often asked how Class Catalyst came to be – and we love sharing our story. As parents and educators, we had been looking for a way to combine Carla’s extensive teaching and mindfulness experience with Rob’s technical know-how and penchant for solving problems with data. But, it didn’t really click until we discovered the massive gap between the need for Social-Emotional Learning and benefits of implementation. No implementation = no change. No impact on the students, teachers, or world.

We knew it wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of administrators, teachers, and parents. With more on their plates than ever before, their energy and best intentions don’t always reach kids – who, in turn, slip through the cracks, unseen and unheard. We set out to create a tool combining support and insight; one that could be easy to implement and seamlessly fit into an already packed school day or an evening at home with parents. We wanted to go beyond the standard SEL offering and build something truly interactive and informative.

And, as with 2 kiddos at home, it’s personal for us, too. Class Catalyst is for them, and for all students like them because every child deserves to be seen and supported. Thank you for joining us!

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