Class Catalyst Cares

Children across the country are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anxiety levels are rising, schools are closing and kids are falling through the cracks.

To support teachers and parents during these challenging times we have launched Class Catalyst Cares – a free version of our popular classroom tool, Class Catalyst, so that any teacher or parent can sign-up to support their student or child’s emotional needs.

Together, we can beat COVID-19 and provide support to the students and family members who need us most!

Class Catalyst Cares:

  • is web-based & mobile-friendly, so it is accessible even when students and teachers are remote
  • establishes a connection between students and teachers and/or parents and kids in only 3 mins a day
  • has built-in strategies that provide children the tools they need when they need it, so adults don’t need to be trained social workers to “be there” for the kiddos they care about

As the 2020-21 School year begins we will no longer be accepting new participants.


Mindful Practices is an organization built by teachers, for teachers. Since 2006 Mindful Practice has worked with regions, districts and schools across the United States and Mexico to share Social-Emotional Learning, yoga, mindfulness and well-being to create equitable educational environments in which students and teachers feel both seen and supported. To join the Mindful Practices family of schools visit

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