Benefits for Admins & Counselors

Benefits for Admins & Counselors

If your teachers are exhausted, your office is filled with students and behavioral issues, academic scores are suffering, or your school is struggling to cope with recent trauma, you’re in the right place.

Class Catalyst has been shown to:

  • Build trust between student and teacher
  • Empower each student to reach out privately when needed
  • De-escalate tense moments and interpersonal conflicts
  • Pinpoint specific problems before they occur
  • Increase focus, drive, and the willingness to learn
  • Address Tier II students and their needs.
  • Reduce workload and stress for overwhelmed teachers!

Consider this:

98 percent of school principals surveyed in a 2017 research study believe that their students would benefit from being taught SEL skills. Yet, fewer than 40% implement – even though the return on investment is estimated at 11:1!


Because most solutions are too cumbersome, complicated, overwhelming, expensive, taxing on teachers, time-consuming, and/or not developmentally-appropriate for the age level involved.

Our platform is specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your day.

Class Catalyst:

  • Eliminates the need for teachers to master and teach mindfulness practices.
  • Is designed to fit seamlessly into the classroom’s agenda – no lengthy lesson plans.
  • Is discreet. Students have a safe, private, non-confrontational way to connect with a caring adult.
  • Provides an in-depth look at each student’s emotional and social trends and progress.
  • Instills self-awareness and self-regulation that will carry them into adulthood.
  • Brings the best evidence-based SEL practices into your classrooms – in 3 minutes or less!
  • Is rolled out and expanded based on your most pressing needs and budget. You design it. We make it happen.

Not convinced yet? Consider a CASEL 2011 analysis of 213 studies involving more than 270,000 students. Children who participated in evidence-based SEL programs showed an 11 percent gain in academic achievement!

Frequently Expressed Concerns

More screen time?

Barely. Class Catalyst requires only 1-3 minutes per day so it won’t interfere with their studies.

What if an issue arises?

Administrators will be notified. Triage services are available through Mindful Practices.

What about Tier II supports?

Class Catalyst is an optimal choice for high-need students – shown to diffuse conflicts, curb problematic behaviors, and build student/teacher rapport.

Does this really work?

Absolutely! All options are based on research and evidence-tested practices.

My teachers are already too tapped out. How can I get them excited?

Class Catalyst is easy to adopt, quiet, and quick. Need help to convince them? Download our Teachers’ Guide here <link>

Isn’t this massively expensive?

No! Our packages are designed with your needs in mind. Start with as few as 5 students in 5 classrooms (is this the boundary?). Grant money may also be available. Visit Pricing <link> for more information.

One of my students was completing his morning check-in through Class Catalyst and wrote me a message about an unsafe situation at home.

Because of this message, I was able to report the situation and get my student the resources and support that he and his family needed—which I may not have been able to do without utilizing Class Catalyst in my classroom each and every day.

Teacher | Chicago, IL