Students’ struggles aren’t always easy to see

Together We Can Make a Difference

Class Catalyst Check In In these stressful times, students thrive in continuity. Yet, due to time constraints and scheduling issues, making connections between home and school is a struggle most districts face. By simplifying the process, changing the practice and providing schools with easy to access technology, family engagement increases and student anxiety decreases.

Lifetouch: Going Beyond the Photograph

Lifetouch is well positioned to make one of the largest scale investments in family engagement in the country. This is an opportunity that comes at a profound inflection point for our schools and families.

The challenges of last few years has seen unprecedented pressures put on to schools and families and we want to do our part to help.

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Class Catalyst: Making Daily Well-Being Simple

We believe student and staff well-being is not just “one more thing” to add to a full day of learning, but significantly essential in developing self-awareness and emotional well-being habits that get students in “ready to learn” mode.

Why Class Catalyst?

In 3-minutes or less, teachers can now seamlessuly bring the best evidence-based SEL practices into their classrooms, while connecting discreetly with each student in a safe, private, and non-confrontational way. 

Students then practice strategies that will help them be more in control both mentally and physically.

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Proven Effectiveness

Class Catalyst has been externally validated by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago and earned CASEL’s coveted SELect Designation.

CASEL SELect Designated Program

Connecting Home and School

Thanks to Lifetouch, schools can now include families in these well-being practices as well. Lifetouch’s Recognion program provides families with a photo of their child along with the well-being practices they are doing in school.


Lifetouch + Class Catalyst Certificate

Lifetouch districts save 25% off an annual subscription

Through this innovative partnership between Lifetouch and Class Catalyst, home to school communication becomes something to look forward to!

Keeping Students in Focus